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GROGLEUTH boss [animatic]

video game animatic

In order to free one of Somn's patients from his nightmares, he travels into Jim's dreamscape to confront the epicenter of the nightmares. At the end of Somn's journey, he comes face-to-face with The Grogleuth which seeks to imprison Somn as well within that nightmare to serve eternally as his personal entertainment.
INSOMNISM intro [animatic]

video game animatic

Introduction to the video game "INSOMNISM" in which we follow the main character, Somn, as he journeys back to his home located in the dark swamps of Blackwater Bayou. The sleepless witchdoctor continues his research in seeking a cure to sleep - an impossible task as Somn can only escape it for so long himself. Without rest, hallucinations are sure to follow.

traditional painting timelapse

Seventh painting in a series of abstract monochromatic masks.

11"x14" acrylic on canvas.

traditional drawing timelapse

From the ‘Parts & Service’ room returns the original decrepit Fazbear crew coming to stuff you into an animatronic suit. Watch your six and beat the clock or else you’ll become the newest member of the Freddy Fazbear Band.

digital drawing timelapse

"This  is all just a bad dream..."
“And you’re NEVER waking up!”
Undertale fanart of the deliciously vile and monstrous Omega Flowey / Photoshop Flowey.